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2008 Deer
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Check out this beauty!  Jake Pronschinske dropped this
buck in velvet on September 15th between Ettrick and
Arcadia.  10 points, 18 inch spread, and estimated to score
around 145.  What a way to start a season!  
Okay, okay!!  I's not a whitetail!!   Ralph Lyon shows off the
archery bull he took in September of 2008 while tuning up for
whitetails.  The look on Ralph's face tells it all..."How the **** am I gonna
get this pig off of this hillside?"
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Matt Ihrig took this 11 pointer on 10/23 near Arcadia.  It has an 18
1/4" inside spread and weighed 225lbs.  Matt made a good shot and
the buck went about 100 yards before dropping over.
Rick Bryson continued his streak of dropping big bucks.  He took
this one on a Saturday morning (10/25).  Nice 8 pt.   221 pounds
with a 17.5" inside spread.  
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...of course, Ralph does shoot the occasional whitetail buck (occasional meaning
about every year!).  This mid-November bow kill being an 8 pt. with a 19 7/8 inch
inside spread. He had glimpsed the buck on camera back in September...see
below. (Thumbnails of the trail cam pictures on for full size.)
Kenny Przybilla took this 200+ pound brute the week before gun
season:  a 7 pointer with a 19 inch inside spread.
Steve Hovell dropped this brute  opening morning of the Wisconsin
Gun Season.  The 12 pointer green scored 156 gross.
Sejal Benusa dropped this one opening day of Wisconsin Gun
Season.  She dropped this buck in his tracks @ 110 yards:  10 points
/ 17in inside / 174 lbs/.  Dad now has the 3rd largest gun buck in the
family and has been delegated to guide & gutter!
Check out this beauty taken opening weekend of the 2008 gun season.  
Todd Brekke connected on what looked like a big, typical 10
pointer...until you notice the big, palmated drop tine protruding from
the left beam.  (Double-click on any of the images above or below to
see in full size).  As you can see in the picture of Todd's basement
(bottom right), he seems to have a knack at shooting nice ones!
Some bucks taken by Dave Tweed's group near Whitehall.  The
buck at center was taken by Dave himself opening day.
Two pictures below of a buck found dead near the Arcadia High
School in March of 2009.  Initial measurements put the buck at over
200 inches!!