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Brandan Kurth arrowed this beauty on a morning hunt after rattiling him in from  300 T0 30 yards.
15 Points. 19 Outside Spread, 201 lbs., Grossed in the 170'S
Kenny Przybylla got this nice one on 11/01/06 near Praag, WI.  A farmer taking corn off his field
pushed him by Kenny allowing for a 15 yard "Muzzy Moment".  After going 60 yards, he tipped over:  
10 pts., 18 inch inside spread, 195 lbs.  Unofficially 153 gross, 149 1/8 net.
Here's a real beauty!  This buck was shot on Oct. 21 2007, by Jeff Hammond.  At left is the buck caught on a trail camera and at right after he walked in front of a broadhead.
This 15 pointer scored in the 180's!
Who says you can't get lucky twice in the same year.  This buck was shot by Dana Stoner opening day
of gun season  Nov. 17th, 2007.  
This 9 pointer scored 160".
hunting partners, it was ascertained that this 9 pointer scored 140".

Deer Pictures 4
This is one of Kenny's earlier harvests.  Unsure of the year, but taken with a gun an not too shabby!
Check this monster out!!  He lives near La Crosse.  The sheds were found off of this buck this spring and with an estimated 18 inch spread (fairly conservative) it scored over 200
inches non-typical.  A guy would almost have to shoot this one!!!
This one taken in 2008
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