Not all the moments at deer camp concern deer.  Some concern very serious discussions of art, science, and world affairs.
John, Mike and Cary helping solve the nation's gas shortage.
A meeting of the Norway Valley Aluminum Recycling
Ralph gives a lecture on quantum physics
Carol catches 40 winks thanks to Ralph
Randy pondering a question while stroking one of his chins
Andy Smith trying to prevent Jamie Wenzel from falling over
Fred celebrates his 54th with some magic mushrooms
The smartest people in the valley showing off!
Mike and Fred use psychic powers to levitate ping-pong balls!  
Fred's powers seem to be draining...
Charlie's Angels make an appearance at deer camp.  
Note the physical effects of consuming large quantities of cheap
beer several days in a row.
Serious concentration as we play for the Championship of the
"Ralph, what do you mean these aren't edible?  I've
already ate one!..."

The West Central Wisconsin
Hunting Resource!
A good, old-fashioned deer camp image.  Dave Tweed and the
boys cutting up deer meet and discussing world issues.