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                                                                                         Updated November 30, 2009
So let's see...

The 2008 Wisconsin Deer Gun Season saw a harvest that was 20-25% lower than 2007, depending on the deer management unit being looked at.  As
a result, the Wisconsin DNR decided to get rid of "Earn-a-Buck" (EAB) for most units in the state.  Based on the opening weekend tally for 2009,
which by preliminary estimates is about 25% lower than 2008, the total harvest for the 2009 season can be expected to be lower still, meaning an
even more  significant drop from the 2007 totals.

Weather...fog, unseasonable warmth (so far November of 2009 is on pace to be the fourth
warmest on record) all contributed to this years' lower
totals...but according to the DNR's own preseason predictions, the harvest was also expected to be lower than 2007 due to a smaller deer herd.

So that leads me to this.  The DNR is now proposing an expansion of the deer gun season from its traditional 9-day length to a 16 day season,
starting at the same time (this was not the DNR's original choice...they wanted one opening one to two weeks earlier!) as "an alternative to
Earn-a-Buck".  But since EAB was eliminated this past year due to lower deer numbers, and since this years' harvest was even lower than in
2008,can someone please explain this to me:  WHY DO WE NEED
ANY ALTERNATIVE TO "EARN-A-BUCK"??                       

A good pictorial view of
antler development over a
six month period.
Look how nice this one
gets!  Click link below:
Stages of Antler Development

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